LSQ Academy stands for Leadership, Sales and Service Quality Academy. We focus on human capital development particularly on leadership, service quality excellence and sales, by providing practical solution through training and consultancy program.

Before it was established as an independent legal entity, for many years LSQ was a business unit within Premysis Consulting, a management consulting firm that was established in 1996, and has provided consultancy and training to more than 1,400 clients. To deliver better service to our clients, LSQ Academy is now a member of Altia Consulting Group, partnering with Fortia Strategic Partner, (Strategic and Corporate Finance), SSCX (Productivity and Cost Savings), and Stellar HR (Human Capital Development) so that we could accommodate customer’s needs from end to end.
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The Philosophy

We believe that quality of learning relies upon:
  • Establishing Excellence
  • Building Spirit
  • Stimulating Enthusiasm

The Learning Methodology

We deliver training program that:
  • Give Enlightenments
  • Sharpen Thoughts
  • Create Sustainable Development
  • Unleash The Potentials

The Impact

We believe the ultimate level of training’s impact is behavioral change that also will affect organisation’s performance.

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